The Big Give

"When you give big, we can dream big."

We are extending The Big Give campaign until school begins in August. The Big Give is a giving campaing to help us make up a budget deficit, give our kids and youth leaders some ministry money to spend on their ideas, and fund building improvements that we currently can't afford.


Our goal is to raise $22,000.  Would you consider giving a donation to help us reach our goal? If you already give (weekly, monthly, etc.) to the general fund, please consider giving extra to The Big Give.


The plan is to use…

10% to fund building improvements.

30% to fund our preschool, kids, and youth.

60% to fund our general budget and savings.


What will happen when you give?

  • Your donations will give our leaders a chance to dream big and make it better.


  • Your donation will help us catch up to a recent budget deficit, and create future margin.


Here are two easy steps to give

  1. Click GIVE NOW and use the drop down menu “The Big Give”.
  2. Use “The Big Give” envelope to give by cash, check or debit receipt (if you use the debit machine).